#1 Customer Flow Communication Platform

Inbound marketing, marketing automation and multi-channel communication combined.

Use personalized messaging to reach your target audience at the perfect time

The company’s 360 Customer Flow Communication Platform is a feature-rich solution combining marketing automation, inbound marketing and interactive communication,

SimplyCast provides organizations the ability to effectively reach customers on their preferred mode of communication. Sign up for a free 14-day trial.
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The Definitive Guide To Voice Broadcasting. Share with your friends.

Learn email marketing from start to finish with this free downloadable email marketing guide.

The key to successful email marketing, is of course, successful delivery of email to your email marketing list. This point could not be simpler. If the email you create and send does not reach the inbox at a high delivery rate, you are actually wasting valuable time and resources.

Data centre, combined with all-in-one marketing product, provides 100% Canadian end-to-end solution.

Government, educational, military and enterprise level organizations ready to sign on.

Bilingual service will open up brand new markets that were previously unavailable to tech company.

Our team has an early present for all of you looking to integrate with our all-in-one marketing solution. Our API is live and ready.

Most of you already know all about email marketing. It is the bread and butter of your marketing plan.

You send newsletters and then check open rates and clicks. This is all fine and dandy, but did you know there is so much more you could do to grow your business. Wait? Really?

That is where marketing automation opens up a wide range of possibilities and options for you to further engage and track your subscribers and turn them into paying clients.

At SimplyCast, just saying the word “spam” will get you a dirty look. We hate it, we fight against it and we do everything we can to help your online marketing become it.

This is why we want to get your ready for Canada’s new anti-spam law that is sneaking up on us very quickly.

  • Cloud-based marketing platform fully integrates 11 translated languages.
  • One-click translation allows users to create online campaigns in native language.
  • SimplyCast entering new markets and forming new partnerships at rapid pace.

The c200 is by invitation only and follows SimplyCast being selected as one of Canada’s most promising startups by c100 earlier this year.

President & CEO of company will be attending and participating in event that features over 3,000 delegates from more than 80 countries.

SimplyCast seeking potential partnerships and investors to continue and strengthen international expansion.

Complete platform of marketing tools has Canadian startup ready to enter enterprise market

Company has achieved the milestone of managing over two billion interactions on the new platform since launching

Users of software will be able to determine the marketing channel with the highest degree of success to fully maximize the overall return on investment

The release of Version 7 of the company’s software in January, has SimplyCast expanding to the enterprise market, while remaining attractive to the SME market