#1 Customer Flow Communication Platform

Inbound marketing, marketing automation and multi-channel communication combined.

Use personalized messaging to reach your target audience at the perfect time

The company’s 360 Customer Flow Communication Platform is a feature-rich solution combining marketing automation, inbound marketing and interactive communication,

SimplyCast provides organizations the ability to effectively reach customers on their preferred mode of communication. Sign up for a free 14-day trial.
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Learn email marketing from start to finish with this free downloadable email marketing guide.

Data centre, combined with all-in-one marketing product, provides 100% Canadian end-to-end solution.

Government, educational, military and enterprise level organizations ready to sign on.

Bilingual service will open up brand new markets that were previously unavailable to tech company.

  • Cloud-based marketing platform fully integrates 11 translated languages.
  • One-click translation allows users to create online campaigns in native language.
  • SimplyCast entering new markets and forming new partnerships at rapid pace.

Writing is the backbone to all marketing promotions. From SMS, email, fax, website and social media marketing, writing is how you convey your message, intent and call-to-action to your customers.

Move over Facebook “Fans” and “Likers,” there’s more to tracking marketing success on Facebook than the number of fans your company’s page has. Marketing success is more than just about popularity and the number of friends.

Version 7.3 of SimplyCast is out and it included a lot of design tweaks to make everything look amazing. Sign up and see for yourself.

By integrating an app generator to a platform that already contains 14 marketing tools, a unified communication plan can be achieved on Facebook with just one click. This will provide non-profit organizations, small business owners and enterprise-level companies the opportunity to increase productivity, customer participation rates and a reduce development costs.

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The Good

Pop-ups are many things, but above all, they’re fantastic marketing tools. By their sheer power, pop-ups can help you grow your email or mobile marketing list, gain valuable feedback from your customers or introduce your business to new visitors.

Here are some examples of how to use them correctly:

• List Sign Up

Whether it is on your main website page or a directed landing page, employ a pop-up that automatically loads each time a visitor comes to your site. In that, sell them on the values of your email or text marketing, such as, they’d be the first to hear about a new sale before anyone else or entitled to “friends’ only” information (eBooks or white papers).

Make sure that your pop-up box contains at least two ways for them to “x” or “close” out the box.

• Account Sign Up

Though the function of this sort of pop-up is similar to that of list sign up, it is different. For example, if you’re a member’s only website, then you may require new customers to sign up for an account before they can access the website. Accounts may also help you better target customers in certain demographics.

The Bad and the Horrifying

If you’re considering using pop-ups for marketing, this is what you’re not supposed to do:

• Be Complicated

This “bad” tactic applies to all sorts of pop-ups, including the aforementioned. Essentially, you don’t want to overwhelm your customer with too much information crammed into such a small space. Further, its distracting – not only are you derailing your customers from their purpose (visiting your website), you’re making their lives difficult. If they were thinking about signing up for your emails, they may not now.

• What’s the Point?

What’s the point of your pop-up? Account sign up? Mobile marketing? Whatever it is, you need to make sure your point is clear and concise. If it takes longer than, say, 5 seconds for them to understand what you’re after, you’ve lost them.